American Style Social Justice Spreads to Oxford

Ntokozo Qwabe is the black, South African that unfortunately won an Rhodes Scholarship to read law or some other thing.  It is a crying shame he was let in.  But more to the point, he unsuccessfully led a campaign whilst there to remove the Cecil Rhodes statue from Oriel College.  There isn’t really a good reason to remove the statue, it is all based on shaky reasoning.  Qwabe is more of a psychopath looking for fame and trying to destroy the good things others have done that he can not do than he is a wise, civil rights activist.  These antics, to me, seem to have originated in American academic institutions and they seem to be spreading around the world in an ironic twist on imperialism.

As I said, Qwabe wants to remove a statue of the man who, a century ago, set up the scholarship he arrived on. The reason is that Cecil Rhodes was a figure who stood out in the British Empire for having gained his wealth as an industrialist in South Africa.  He was also a politician there and may have held racist views although it is not completely clear what his thoughts were on race.  It is clear however that he thought British imperialism was a good thing.  The idea of taking the good from one one country and spreading it to other countries, is apparently offensive if it was done in the past by white men.

The thing is that it makes no sense to cry about racism and being oppressed by a dead man, when that man’s scholarship has enabled you to travel to a new country to get an education and presumably climb up without restriction to wherever one pleases to go in life.  How exactly is a man, with a very prestigious scholarship, in a most fortunate position, being oppressed?

He is not of course.  Qwabe is just a vile hater.  I like that word; hater.  The left are simply just haters.  It turns out he is a racist which we all could have seen.  Have a look at this tweet here of his.  What Qwabe wants to do is to destroy the successes other people have had.  He will probably make a career of doing this, his tweet makes me think of him as possibly being a sadist.

Of course, the irony of the whole thing is how imperialistic it all is.  American academic institutions develop a destructive, hateful, anti-historical type of social justice that demands the removal of arbitrary things to appease crowds of haters, this idea and technique spreads to South Africa, where it is adopted by Qwabe, who then proceeds to go to a foreign country (England) and demand that the people there do as he says or else.  Going to another country to impose a moral code and plunder for self gain, that sounds kind of… stereo-typically imperialistic… wouldn’t you say?


Ellen Pao Vows to Crack Down on “Harassment”

Moving further from Reddit’s vision of free speech, Reddit under Ellen Pao says they will crack down on “harassing behaviour”.  Story here.  Previously, we covered the harm Ellen Pao would cause.

I have a question about the policy, if someone is harassed by a Social Justice Warrior, will Reddit crack down on them as well?  Or is it only men that are capable of harassment?

I recall an event about a social justice warrior in which one of them managed to get a man fired for silly jokes.  It turns out, this particular social justice warrior was skilled in the art of inventing outrage and then relying on the internet mob to seek justice.

The problem is that social justice warriors often take on the role of anti-harassment harassers.  This means they claim to be the forces of good and commit evil instead.  Their concern is not so much in helping anyone or actually resolving problems but it is more attention whoring, hate, and destructiveness.

Ellen Pao herself seems to conform to a similar pattern of Adria Richards.  She silently becomes outraged about nonsensical things and then seeks revenge under the guise of social justice and anti-discrimination.  I have said before that I believe Ellen Pao is a sub-par investor and doesn’t know how to accept this about herself.

So who will sort out the good from the bad under this new policy?  Social justice warriors use the laws to destroy and this is a new weapon in their arsenal.  What happens when the law gets used to ban people that don’t deserve to be banned?  I predict Ellen Pao will be partisan in this regard which is a shame.  Maybe it is time to move on from Reddit.