Why The Left’s Analysis of Donald Trump is Wrong and What Makes Him So Popular

The Left has basically made the same assessment of Donald Trump across all or most of its outlets.  They believe Donald Trump is some sort of racist Nazi with diabolic plans to harness the white, American, middle class in order to win the election by tapping into ignorant economic fears they have.  I have heard it over and over again but this is seriously just wrong.  I will explain why I believe Donald Trump is popular in a post Barack Obama presidency.

It is very simple why Donald Trump is popular.  They say Trump is trying to manipulate white voters, but Barack Obama, and to a much lesser extent, his predecessors, have actually been trying to manipulate minorities of all sorts.  This isn’t about the white middle classes’ fears, Donald Trump is push-back against prior propaganda.

What has actually happened is Barack Obama has harnessed racial hatred against white middle classes, a prejudice that has been a part of him his entire life.  His father was an anti-British loudmouth of sorts, his white parents and grandparents taught him that white people are essentially problematic.  So here is a list of incidents in which Barack Obama subtly manipulated minorities by stoking flames of hatred, in order to refresh your memories.

  1. In his first year he waded into a silly issue between a white police officer and a black pseudo-intellectual in what became known as beergate.
  2. in 2012, Obama encouraged Latino Americans to vote in order to punish their enemies.
  3. His attorney general refused to prosecute a case of racial voter discrimination on behalf of some Black Panthers, a racist gang.
  4. Barack Obama spoke out against a “white latino” shooting Trayvon Martin in self defense.
  5. Barack Obama has defended Black Lives Matter, a racist group that attempts to injure white America wherever possible.
  6. Barack Obama has attempted to break up good suburbs of predominantly white ethnicity by moving minorities into them.
  7. Barack Obama has invited Jay-Z to the white house on numerous occasions.  Jay-Z has a history of supporting Black Lives Matter, and his wife recently made a song with Black Power motifs.
  8. Barack Obama has halted deportation of illegal, Mexican immigrants.
  9. Barack Obama’s attorney Eric Holder held his own, special, rare, second autopsy of Michael Brown in order to find something to prosecute the police officer that shot him as an act of revenge against that officer for doing his job.
  10. Barack Obama refused to walk with European leaders, or even send a representative, in solidarity against Islamic terrorism after the Charlie Hebdo shootings.  He later despatches professional hippy clown, John Kerry, to issue a most cringe-worthy hug.

So the Left has this ridiculous analysis of Donald Trump that centers around the depravity of American, white, middle class voters when in fact they are simply fed up with being fed a continual drip of faux outrage and aggression by minorities who justify it by calling everyone else racist.

This hatred of Western establishment has carried on much farther than in America.  The hateful politically correct gang has made its way into the UK.

The thing is, people are neither stupid nor blind.  They know that there is an ultra corrupt left that has not only an ax to grind against Europeans but a motive to profit from winning the votes of minorities by pandering to their own hate and fears.

The Left’s analysis is completely backward, the hate is actually moving in the exact opposite direction they say it is.  Donald Trump is simply there to put an end to it.



So Called Smart People Are Generally Stupid

We know that the educated, urban, middle class tends toward progressive thought.  They hold as virtues rationality, democracy, equality, the scientific method, and the defeat of our abhorrent past (perhaps in the year 1968) as self-evident truths.  They are enlightened, intelligent, intellectual, and they have shed their gender and replaced it with purely rational smart-think.  They have an “us versus them” mentality, wrongly and ironically believing themselves to be unique, special snowflakes in a violent blizzard of stupidity which is the other.  Unaware of their group-think, and unwilling to accept they are neither original, nor very clever, they have become a dangerously stupid group.

The belief they share is simple.  They are smart, and everyone else is dumb.  For them, masculinity is like a peacock’s colours; useless and lacking in substance yet pompous enough to be dangerous.  Only the stupid and emotional, those easily misled by sophistry and show, can believe it to be a good thing.  They have moved beyond the unscientific thought of the rest of humanity.  They are an elite minority that can solely know right from wrong.

They believe violence is the result of overzealous masculinity, forcing itself upon others.  Nationalism is an evil that can only lead to war, and in the past, people were stupider and more easily tricked by a group-of-men-up-to-no-good known as the patriarchy.

These people believe the smart set should be in charge and given all the power and it just so happens, in an incredible coincidence, that they are the smart set.  They will remove the concept of masculinity so that no one can ever enforce sexual norms again, and they will distribute wealth evenly by taking it from wealthy people who didn’t earn their money and giving it to the unemployed who did earn their money, and they will end war by granting brave terrorists each of their demands so that terrorists will hopefully, eventually run out of things to demand, and they will end the reign of archaic authorities by making sure that no one says anything offensive and if they do, they are put under arrest.

So committed they are to this belief in themselves, that they simply refuse to accept they could be wrong when the failures started piling up.  The smart set was more committed to being a rising member of the club for smart people than it was in doing things that it listed as its virtues; things like making observations, testing hypotheses, and gathering evidence.

As a result, the smart set became quite dumb, unaware that it displayed all the traits it abhorred in others such as jealousy, and pettiness and commitment to emotional beliefs that validated their own egos.

The smart set won’t pay attention to anyone’s advice but their own.  Apart from that they seem to be too busy provoking riots, and smashing things, and angrily shouting obscenities at people they disagree with to spend their time thinking anyways.  The reality is that they show all the worst traits of humanity and maybe this is precisely where arguments against progressive thought should be made rather than assuming progressives are just mistaken people.

A Look at the Academic-Industrial Complex’s Hostility Towards Men

There are many reasons for this.  I want to take a moment to discuss some of these reasons and still it is necessary to point out that in spite of the hostility and lack of return that men get from the academic-industrial complex, they continue to invest huge amounts of money in it.  I call it the academic-industrial complex because it is common to hear the Left refer to any Western military as the military-industrial complex in a conspiratorial manner.  Except the alliance between government and academia is plainly obvious and the conspiracy demonstrably exists.  This is especially true in America where the academic degree mill industry is most pronounced.

I have a chart I used in a different post on this blog.

The first thing we will note is that in America, the price of a university degree continues to go up and yet the return has remained stagnant.  The same can be said of universities in the UK, prices have gone up and whether or not the return was worthwhile is questionable.  Men are continuing to get the education and put themselves in great debt to do so.  They are then saddled with debt when they graduate and this causes them to delay their progression through adulthood as they are now less financially fit with the loan debt.

People at the universities are required to take general-ed classes that serve only to expose an audience to various minority cultures wherein they are told that all conflicts those minorities experience are a result of evil Western forces.  They are told about the great superiority of other cultures and the inferiority of their own.  This is to enrich their lives and is considered by many intellectuals to be a hallmark of good education, a scepticism of Western cultures.  Although in the UK it is different because people going in to a university are already on a special track, there are still people there that teach and spread this type of propaganda.  As a result of these things being considered mandatory or part of the university life, students are indoctrinated and accept most of what they have been told.  This includes the message that men oppress women.  Despite this, men continue to pay for degrees.

Just recently I saw an advert for an academic position that specifically stated that the department was looking to hire more women.  Universities are under pressure to grant special favours to women and not men.  In America it is legally allowed under Title IX to do so, as well, admissions policies and hiring practices, particularly for science and technology graduate positions, are biased to increase the number of women.  This is a two-tier system in which women are preferred over men for admittance whether as a student or as part of the university staff.  Despite this, men will continue to try to get these positions.

Recently, this concept of “rape culture” on campuses has been widely reported in the media.  Stretching back to the Duke Lacrosse scandal in which a group of innocent men was maligned in front of the whole world for a rape that never took place, and more recently, the UVA rape hoax, the idea has spread that there is widespread rape of college women.  There is no evidence that rape is happening on a large scale on campuses but in spite of this campuses have responded to pressure from the government to increase their vigilance and prevention of rape.  This came in the form of Title IX being used to reduce the standard for guilt to be declared.  It went from being “beyond a reasonable doubt” to merely a “preponderance of evidence” meaning that being accused of rape shall be considered evidence that a rape took place.  This is frighteningly hostile towards men.

Women are supposedly 1/3 more likely to earn a degree and still earn less than men.  This is likely because they get degrees in subjects that should not exist.  One can earn a bachelor’s in any of lesbian, queer, transgender, black, african, gay, or women’s studies or essentially the same thing: a marketing degree, or the two pseudo-science studies Psychology and Sociology. In those two studies, the predominant thought is no different than a coffee table discussion from a group of leftists.  Indeed White Babies are Racist and Exposure to American Flag Causes One to Support Republicans.  This is what we should expect from Psychology and Sociology.

You can even earn a degree in Communications, studying the theory of communication.  Somehow even Communications can not escape from Marxism.

Recently, an American woman was seen on video insulting an attendant.  Here it is.  Now, the attendant may well have earned the derogatory comments so I won’t say much about that but the two things that stick out to me in the video are that first, Britt McHenry certainly does not appear to be acting like an educated person and second that she kept referencing her degree.

I looked it up and she got an English degree from an American university I have no familiarity with; Stetson University.  A quick look at her English program, although they are all the same, shows reading Shakespeare is not even required.  What is required however is “critical theory” which you can search but it is a line of thinking from the Frankfurt School.  I can do my best to make a summary but it intentionally resists people doing that because it isn’t meant to be argued with but simply accepted but it primarily rests on discovering “power structures” in a text and how they oppress.  It primarily isn’t falsifiable and tends to be overtly political and leftist and this is what we can expect a person with an English degree to have studied rather than Shakespeare.  It is absolutely the case that the notion of a patriarchy and applying scrutiny towards a patriarchy in a text in order to show the oppression men may cause is part of the curriculum.

Not going to university, men may fear then that women will out-credential them and put them in a more difficult spot but these credentials are essentially meaningless.  A credential distinguishes someone but it seems the majority of women will be earning some type of a degree so it hardly counts as a credential when everyone has it.  Further, many of these degrees are in entirely superfluous and ridiculous subject areas.

Most important of all, men are delaying their adulthood.  Instead of learning a business trade and beginning to climb the social ladder, men just squander their time and resources at university only to discover that they will still need to be trained for whichever industry they choose afterwards and their degree offers little as far as actual practical knowledge goes.  Many disciplines do not require a diploma and the UK has several statesmen I can name that don’t have a degree yet did fine for themselves.  Men should absolutely stop paying their money in to this system because it is harming them and the administrations of these institutions are hostile towards them.  I think a return to apprenticeships would be much more economically feasible and beneficial to men than earning degrees.

7 Reasons Men Should Not Donate Sperm

  1. It will create a single mother. Not only that, but the type of single woman who would want to use a sperm donor is the type of woman who put her career before her relationships, a you-go-girl who thought men and relationships would get in her way.  Unaware that anti-discrimination laws may have led her company to select her specifically because of her gender, she believes she is extraordinarily talented and because of her higher income, she can afford to shop through a choice of men, selecting only the best to further her own enhanced view of herself.  This is a mother who will raise her children to be feminists, and her precious little versions of herself are only valuable to her if they make her look good.  Helicoptering them from child daycare(she has to work), to piano and violin lessons, to extracurricular mathematics tutoring to get a head start, her kids will grow without an innate sense of value. As long as they get in to that top school, that is all that matters. The children’s loveless lives will create either a replica of the mother if it is a girl, or a self hating effete man if it is a boy.
  2. It will create a child to be raised by lesbians. Some variation of at least 2 or more mothers and possibly one or more fathers intertwined in the mix here or there will raise the child. A chaotic lifestyle unsuitable for children will be the home this child grows up in. The child will be indoctrinated by the parents to believe that their lifestyle is on equal-to or greater-than terms than a monogamous household. Feelings of self-hatred and shame will be evident in the child as well as embarrassment for having an odd variety of parents.  No man should desire to create a child in these circumstances.
  3. Your sperm will be valued on physical attributes alone. Men should not be reduced down to their genes.  But this is precisely what would happen.  Sperm banks will only value your sperm so long as it is high in count, and women will only value it so long as it conforms to things such as intelligence, height, race, test scores, athleticism, skin, eye, and hair pigment.  This idea leads men to conclude that this is what women value and creates monsters such as Elliot Rodger.  There is no role for masculinity in the sperm selection process.  Do not fall in to the feminist trap of thinking that men are chosen by women, only if the men fit certain stereotypical traits.  Anything that does this is to be shunned.
  4. Donating sperm creates a safety net for women. Women now have a safety net that prevents them from needing to be attractive to men in order to reproduce.  They can put on weight, act horrendously and rudely, chase after careers, and get old without ever needing to adapt the way they act to be compatible with men.  Don’t get me wrong, men must adapt to find ways to attract women as well, but in this case, if a woman wants to reproduce, she only need lift a finger in order to find the best quality sperm for her with the click of a mouse.  For extremely attractive women, they would not need to worry about finding men as their looks will take care of this for them, but for women not as lucky, anything they can do to improve themselves is no longer necessary.  This safety net changes women’s attitudes and is harmful to men.
  5. Increases risk of incest. Some sperm may be used to create a very large number of children.  Entire web sites and almost an industry have been created in finding and tracking down children who are siblings.  There may be laws that are being put in to place in order to stop certain sperm from being used too many times, but this still creates a situation where few men are having many children who often do not even know each other.  Even if the risk is only nominal, don’t contribute to increasing the societal risks of incest.
  6. Increases apathy about reproduction.  A woman can go in to a clinic, come out with a catalogue, shop through donors, purchase some sperm, and then buy her child.  Having a child used to be a consideration that a couple made, a serious consideration.  Often, this couple may have been in love, or at least committed to the responsibilities of children because they thought it was important, not only for them but for their family, their future, their society, their country, and most of all the child itself.  A father could be proud of his son, and a son could be proud of his father and his family’s history.  Now, a child can be bought at a clinic.  The child learns he was just a donation to a clinic from a man he has no relation with, and a product purchased by his mother.  He may resent this fact about his life, apathy on the part of the parents, or he may think that having children is just an impersonal process whereby sperm meets the egg, whether the sperm is from a store matters not, whether the father cares for him matters not, whether he has a family or family history matters not; apathy on the part of the child.
  7. The problem of paying men for sperm. Sperm donation does not earn much, in fact, it is quite likely that there are a great many other things men could do to earn money instead.  If your donation is purely for profits, you probably aren’t making much financial sense.  Apart from that, consider that you are being paid to sit in a room and masturbate to porn in a clinical setting.  No self-respecting man should ever compromise his integrity so much as to masturbate in a semi public setting, and then pass a cup of sperm to a nurse who is getting paid more than you to work.  Just get a real job.

Apart from all these things, some men may disbelieve me and think they are doing something altruistic, and those men are making a grave mistake and harming themselves and other men in the process.  Even worse, there may be men getting an ego-boost from donating.  I suppose that believing your sperm is valuable to women, and that they like the idea of you masturbating it out for them, could lead one to believe, in a roundabout manner, that he must be attractive to women.  All I can say to that is you aren’t cute sitting there in a room, fapping to porn.  Men who are attractive to women would carry on relationships with women, and something tells me that men having real sex, wouldn’t have the time or the desire to donate sperm.

In conclusion, men should not donate sperm.  Any man that chooses to donate should be shamed and told what he is doing is wrong because it is harmful to men.  The sperm bank industry should be shut down.  It allows feminism to propagate unnaturally.  It spreads feminist ideas that confuse and harm men, such as that women should shop for men, or that women are the initiators and choosers of sex with men.  It necessarily allows children to be raised in highly undesirable atmospheres that are hostile to men.  Men must choose to end this industry.

Scientists and Mathematicians are Encouraged to be Weird

It is somewhat well known that mathematicians and scientists are known for being antisocial and weird.  This is in fact the truth.  The world of graduate students has its own culture, a dark culture to be certain, but young people will join the culture and never leave it.  Save that graduate studies departments are not actually in it for the “pursuit of truth”, but actually the pursuit of money and prestige, the culture has its elitist side.  The elitism in these departments is one that values a PhD like it was a knighthood.  There are the commoners, those without a PhD, and then there are the elites, those with a PhD.  This myth gets propagated and perpetuated, and winds up with people believing that living in extreme conditions as a graduate student pursuing a doctorate is of the utmost importance.  Especially since no one may ever actually cite the research done during a doctorate in their own research, meaning it was essentially useless, the whole thing is based upon people joining because they think it will make them better somehow.  This of course isn’t necessarily true, and along the way, the culture of elitism has led to a singular group that does its best to separate itself from the crowd.

Much like the top castes of India’s system, those inclined to graduate study feel they are above their peers.  Precociousness is of the utmost importance.  Being an exceptionally talented youth, or having one as a son, is a very high honour.  Graduate studies looks to define itself by extreme difference from the norm.  Much like the upper castes, they must develop their own mannerisms.

Things like being social, having a life, pursuing the other sex, valuing money, being able to relate with people, and athletics are all to be devalued, for these are the things of the hoi polloi.  It is not uncommon to hear of a professor that failed the physical requirements for a draft despite being in perfect health, or a mathematician that starved himself out of some unusual fear of being poisoned.

These things are praised, the quirkier, the more charming.  The movie a Beautiful Mind of course links madness with talent so to be mad is to be talented.  A graduate student will work obscene hours and hardly be paid, but to complain would be an insult to the culture that values Platonic love of truth and reason.

More and more misfits are attracted to the prestige that having a PhD can bring, much like a criminal or poor person might join the military to ascend the social ladder.  Rather than bringing in gentleman, people with good manners, and a great sense of competitive spirit and humour, people with the worst of personality traits are attracted to the belief that they can become a part of the “intellectual nobility”.

The entire culture is disgusting.  The people in it are horrendous people that at one point are tricked in to thinking they will be great philosophers some day, public intellectuals, that want to be famous, and then cynical failures that look to exploit that naivety once they have discovered they won’t be noteworthy and a PhD does not make one noble.  They turn around and look at students as pawns to dump their work upon while they do their utmost to chase after money.

Hopefully, the academic system collapses and with it, the culture does too, and at that point, science can be remade with good, upstanding, charming people.