Muslims Account for Far More Terrorism than Anyone Else

How often do we hear it said that white Christians are either equally likely, or more likely than Muslims to be terrorists?  Another variation of this is that white men in Europe and America account for most of the terrorist attacks.  Usually these white men are described as being one or more of Christian, conservative, right-leaning, or nationalist.  There is some truth to nationalists being terrorists, but not in the way you would imagine and I shall deal with that issue later.  For the most part, Muslims and leftists account for the majority of terrorist incidents and deaths.

Beginning with the US in the 1990’s, and I don’t claim these numbers are free from human error but you can verify them on Wikipedia as of this date, I counted 57 terrorist attacks on Wikipedia.  I counted 3280 deaths and 8114 injured in total (not counting terrorists among deaths and injured where I could).  Now, I should also point out that Wikipedia is not necessarily a good source of information.  It is open to the masses and the masses have proven themselves to be remarkably biased.  Not to mention the Left has a tendency to work non-jobs or be unemployed so they have more time to make adjustments to Wikipedia.  Here are some possibly inaccurate numbers by my counting but the relative magnitudes are correct.

Muslim: 20 attacks, 3043 deaths, 7268 injured

White, right-leaning, Christian: 19 attacks 225 deaths, 831 injured.

Leftist: 7 attacks, 2 deaths, 2 injured.

Unclear: 10 attacks, white people 5, 10 deaths injured 13 (includes neo-Nazi neo-pagan white supremacist because neither Nazis nor pagans are very conservative.)

Given that right leaning people could be safely assumed to be half the US population, the majority Christian and the majority white, Muslims account for a vast majority of the attacks, deaths, and injuries in terrorist attacks in the US relative to their population size.  Of the attacks that were committed by white, right-leaning, Christians, it is my estimate that they were mostly attacks against abortion clinics.

Now in the UK.  The same rules as above apply.

Muslim: 7 attacks, 57 deaths, 733 injured

British, right-leaning, white, Christian: 6 attacks, 3 deaths, 137 injured ( 5 of which were Miles Cooper letter bombs leaving 8 injured)

Leftist: 28 attacks, 13 deaths, 661 injured

Unclear: 1 attacks, 1 deaths,

Non-British, white: 1 attack, 1 death

I count the IRA as among the leftists because of their association with Sinn Féin, their interest in socialism, their underhanded tactics such as car bombs, and their anti establishment, republican, anti British rhetoric.

Conclusions:  I draw several although they are not tested or proven rigorously.  First of all, Muslim terrorists have killed and injured more than any other group.  In other words, Muslim terrorists have killed more people than Christian terrorists, or white terrorists, or right-leaning terrorists.  The only group that has perpetrated more attacks was the IRA and it was only in the UK and Muslims have killed and injured more than the IRA has (since 1990, this is all since 1990).  Proportional to their population, Muslims punch far above their weight class in terms of terrorist attacks.  Not to mention that many of the largest scale attacks in recent memory have been perpetrated by Muslims.  These attacks include the Lockerbie bombing, the AMIA bombing, the Sept. 11 attacks, the 7 July Bombings, and the November 2015 Paris attack.  Just looking at terror attacks worldwide, the vast majority are committed by Muslims.  At this point, usually Muslims will say: “how dare you try to say all Muslims are terrorists, you racist, you are the real problem”, and then they do not have to respond to the complaints against Islam nor attempt to resolve the issue because the blame has been shifted onto us.

Another conclusion I draw is that Islamic extremism seems to be on the rise.  In the 1990’s the US had a string of anti abortion related terrorist attacks and in the UK, the attacks were mostly done by the IRA.  But the numbers began to change dramatically towards the turn of the millennium, skewing towards Islamic terror.

As we have seen lately, abortion is not nearly as legitimate or as mainstream as its industry tries to make itself out to be.  It is nonsensical for someone pro-life to kill but I also feel that the abortion industry is itself a dark one.  I don’t disagree with calling these pro-life murderers terrorists though.

Finally, I think it worth mentioning that the leftists are very much a violent bunch themselves and in many ways have enabled Islamic terror.


If you think any of this is in error you can add it to the comments, I painstakingly counted things by hand so there could be a mistake.


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