The Return of the Non-Professional Politician

I would like to see non-professional politicians return to the fold.  These are people who might have some means of independence, or who are guaranteed a role in politics in spite of not being a politician at all.  In America, Donald Trump may well be a good example among others although he still must be popular to be elected.  Another example comes to mind, to take a religious one,  were bishops, who often came from their own constituency but their job was not as a professional politician.  Now you might ask why this would be so important for our nations.

The reason is that professional politicians’ livelihoods are completely dependent on their elections which are by and large done by popularity.  To gain popularity, politicians simply look at what is popular and leftist memes have dominated politics for decades.  The theme of inequality has been particularly predominant in all its forms and under the present lot, it really is no different.  So politicians have largely adapted their messages and agendas around solving the issues of inequality.

Unfortunately, this has been disastrous even though it was popular.  Alas, what is popular may not be what is best.  From extraordinarily high taxes in order to insure that some paid their ‘fair share’, that pushed businesses and people away to minority quotas, to disparate application of the law, to the destruction of institutions that promoted excellence but that lacked diversity, such as the promotion of judges to high courts, the left’s equality virtue has done much harm.  Worse, there is no sign of it letting up.

Even worse still, the politicians’ will to survive and thrive pushed them to try to select their own voters in order to guarantee their successes.  The term gerrymandering comes to mind.  The literature on the term would lead one to conclude that this is mostly a conservative phenomenon, but the corruption and lack of concern for the spirit of an election is highly indicative of a leftist mindset.  Worse still than that was the leftist push to import immigrants who they could count on for votes, displacing the people they ought to be protecting.

In the past, there were people who had power and their power was not dependent on their popularity, they were independent.  This seems to me like an antidote and counter to popular will.  What we have now is a runaway machine.  Politicians rely on popularity to gain power but can use their power to ensure their popularity.  This must be stopped and I propose that we try to include more non-professional politicians into politics because of their independence much like the statesmen of yesteryear who saw it as a duty and not as a job.


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