The Left is About Hate

People often wonder why leftist ideas keep returning, perhaps with slightly different language but the same intent and effects as previously failed policies.  For example, Marxism, under all its guises, despite a plethora of evidence that it is inefficient at best and destructive at worst, continues to rear its ugly head.  Why don’t people ever learn?  The reason is because leftist plans are not meant to be more efficient or do things better than they are done now.  “Progress” is not the goal.  In fact, leftist ideas are merely about hating others whilst pretending to house intellectual value.

Marxism is hatred of wealthy and successful people which seeks to blame them for the failures of others thereby justifying confiscations.

The homosexual agenda is about hatred of traditional moral values and in truth barely cares about marriage rights, the very thing they claim to be singularly focused on.

The diversity propagandists hate the current inhabitants of any place they argue for more diversity.

Feminism is about hatred of men.

Anti-colonialism is about hatred of Western nations.

The reason these ideas keep returning is not because people believe that their new variation will work this time around, or that situations have changed since the past warranting their return but because people will never stop resenting others.  Leftist ideologies are entirely about the politics of resentment.


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